Kounta Offline Troubleshooting

Some major improvements to the way in which Kounta POS handles 'Off-line mode' have been implemented recently in response to user feedback that has greatly improved the ability of Kounta to work when an Internet connection is down.

As always Kounta works effectively in 'Off-line Mode' when it detects the internet connection is down.  The screen will appear greyed-out, but you are able to continue to trade, and now Kounta has made improvements to Off-line mode which will enable orders to be held, retrieved, and added to, as well as for integrated Tyro payments to be taken. 

Order printing, and printing of receipts will still work in Offline mode, as long as your router still advertises its WiFi SSID when it detects an internet connection is not present. Be warned - some routers don't do this - and switch off the WiFi until the Internet (ADSL land line) comes back on.  

If you need a router that works even when there is no internet connection talk to us.

The major issue we see when the Internet goes down is that customers complain of their orders not printing and the no. 1 reason for this is that their iPad tries to find an alternate WiFi network to connect to the Internet on when it detects the POS WiFi isn't delivering an Internet connection.  This is a behaviour of the iPad, NOT Kounta.

To ensure you can still print dockets in Off-line Mode 

1) Check which WiFi network you are connected to - ensure the iPad is connected to the normal POS WiFi network at your venue.

2) Check that your printers are turned on. 

If you want to know the status of Kounta, you can browse to this URL via your mobile phone (if ADSL Internet is down): 


If you want to know the status of Telstra's network go here:


If you still need assistance, please call us if you have a Valid service contract with Cloudifi.  

If you'd like a service contract to ensure you have round the clock support with a guaranteed response time, please talk to us.

Andrew Wilmot
Andrew Wilmot