Abacus Support

Do you have a PRINTING Problem?

BEFORE calling for POS Support, please read the checklist HERE.

Customers WITHOUT a current Cloudifi Priority Support Agreement

Customers that are NOT on a current Priority Support Agreement that have an issue will be offered support on a best effort basis Monday to Friday during business hours, subject to our availability (ie. no guaranteed priority response).  Tel 1300 853 512, Option 3.  


Customers WITH a current Cloudifi Priority Support Agreement

PRIORITY SUPPORT (7am-7pm) Tel 1300 853 512, Option 3 – please leave a message with your name, site and phone number and we will call you back as soon as possible.

NON-URGENT SUPPORT Please use eMail to support @ cloudifi.com.au or our Contact Form on our web site for non-urgent requests and requests of a general nature and we will respond within 24 hours.

*PLEASE NOTE* we cannot guarantee an immediate response to TEXT MESSAGES OR VOICEMAILS left on our staff’s personal mobile phones so this shouldn’t be used as a way to request emergency support.


POS Vendor Support Contact Details

All Point of Sale customers using Abacus, Kounta or Vend can contact the respective Vendor's Support departments for assistance with questions relating to their products, feature requests, bug reports or troubleshooting help. 

Abacus  - Tel 1300 552 535  Email support@abacus.co or use the Online chat from the POS Screen, Back Office https://app.abacus.co or from the Helpdesk Site http://help.abacus.co 

Kounta - Tel (02) 8599 2247 Email support@kounta.com or use Online chat from the POS Screen

Vend - Tel (03) 8593 7854 Email support@vendhq.com or use Online chat from the POS Screen