Abacus or Vend Support



Problem? do this first! Hard reboot your iPad.

This can fix a variety of problems including printing problems, app crashing, slowness etc and is quick and easy to do! 

iPad WITH home button on front  (standard 9.7/10.2/iPad Air) 

Hold down the HOME button and the POWER button on the side together until you see the Apple logo in the centre of the screen, release and let the iPad reboot.

iPad WITHOUT the home button (new iPad Pro 11/12.9)

1) Press and release the Volume Up button

2) Press and release the Volume Down button

3) Press and hold the Power button, hold until you see the Apple logo appear on screen

If you aren’t sure which buttons are which, this graphic should help.

How to force restart iPad Pro

Can't open your Abacus App?

Which version do you have?  If the Abacus icon is solid blue, download the update from the Appstore.  If the icon is blue with a red corner, you have the Enterprise version, and it should be upgraded by opening the link below in Safari on the iPad.



Click Install, then Install again when prompted.

Now click the home button to go back to main screen and watch the Abacus icon download.  Once installed then open as normal.


Do you have a PRINTING Problem? 

Please read the checklist HERE.


Apple IOS 14.x WiFi Security Changes

These affect MASTER / SLAVE connection and PRINTING.

Go to the iPad settings > WiFi > click on the little blue (i) to the right of the _POS network name and turn OFF "Private Address", then you must click "Rejoin".

Also check under the iPad Settings > Abacus icon that 'LOCAL NETWORK' is turned ON.


Connecting a SLAVE iPad to a MASTER



POS Vendor Support Contact Details

All Point of Sale customers using Abacus or Vend should contact the respective Vendor's Support departments for assistance with questions relating to their products, feature requests, bug reports or troubleshooting help. 

Abacus  - Tel 1300 552 535 or email support@abacus.co (Monday to Friday) or use the Online chat (7 Days to 10pm WST) from the POS Screen (headset icon at top of page) or Back Office  https://app.abacus.co or from the Helpdesk Site http://help.abacus.co if you cannot login to the POS (widget in lower right corner).

Vend - Tel (03) 8593 7854 Email support@vendhq.com or use Online chat from the POS Screen


Cloudifi Support

Cloudifi offers support for POS questions on a best effort basis Monday to Friday during business hours, subject to our availability.

Tel 1300 853 512, and choose Option 3.  Please leave a message with your name, site and phone number and we will return your call during business hours.

On-Site Services

Where a Cloudifi consultant provides support, consultancy or repair services onsite, these services will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

Service Fees

Our standard hourly rate for on-site services and services is $150 per hour ex GST inclusive of travel time Monday to Friday 8am to 6pmAfter-hours or Weekend on-site services will be charged at $250 per hour ex GST inclusive of travel time.

Hardware Replacement

Unless the Hardware is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, where we find hardware needs to be repaired or replaced due to failure or damage, the cost associated will be passed onto the customer.  

User Training

Telephone support does not extend to in depth user training and anything over 10 minutes will require structured training either remotely or onsite, chargeable at our standard hourly rate. 

Consulting Services

If our team spends time consulting on improvements in the way you use Abacus or Vend, or how you can make your business more efficient it will be charged for at our standard hourly rate.