Covid-19 Abacus POS and Online Ordering Special


Type: Abacus Bundles

Our Covid-19 Abacus POS and Online Ordering Special is for customers that need a single Register for their business, products imported and menus created, with Abacus Online Ordering also configured. This also includes a full day where we will be at your venue installing and training you and your staff on the use of Abacus.

The Special includes:

1 x iPad 10.2 inch (October 2019 release - new larger size) 32GB WiFi Only

1 x iPad VPos or Heckler iPad Stand 

1 x Epson TM-T82III (Oct 2019 release) Thermal Printer (longer life, fastest print speed)

1 x 5 Note Cash Drawer

1 x POS Controller / Router (to create a dedicated POS network for reliability)

1 x 24 Rolls of Thermal Paper

1 x Ethernet Cable for Printer

12 Months Local Cloudifi Emergency POS Telephone and Email Support

Training and Installation On-site

Special Price  - *$3499 inc GST

*Up to one month Free subscription to Abacus POS*

*Your subscription will start from the 1st of the month after you started using Abacus and the single POS subscription is $69 ex GST per month. Online Ordering is charged as a Transaction Cost of 1.75% + 10c, plus a Platform Fee of 1.9% of the order value. (3.65% +10c Total) via the AbacusPay payment gateway.

*Special Price excludes any image manipulation or uploading of pictures for your products, advanced menu configuration or detailed inventory set up which will be charged at our standard hourly rates, or you can do it yourself after our training.

Optional items:

Epson TM-T82III Thermal Printer for Coffee Orders - $349 inc GST 

WiFi enable a single THERMAL (TM-T82III) Printer (if you can't cable to it) -  $189 inc GST 

Epson TMU220 Impact/Ribbon Kitchen Printer and 24 Rolls Duplicate Paper for Kitchen Orders - $658 inc GST 

WiFi enable a singe KITCHEN (TMU220) Printer (if you can't cable to it) - $219 inc GST

Extra iPad and Otterbox drop proof cover for Queue busting - $649 inc GST

Note: To accept Integrated credit card payments at the POS you will need to already have or arrange a Merchant Account with either Westpac, Tyro, or NAB.