*new* Printing, KDS, Integrated EFTPOS or App Problem?? Before calling for POS Support, please read the checklist HERE.

Dome Coffees Loc8 Table Locate Support - please click HERE for our web form to submit a request.

Customers with a current Cloudifi Priority Support Agreement

Emergency Telephone - 1800 853 512, Option 3 – please leave a message with your name, site and phone number if we cannot answer immediately and we will call you back promptly.

Email – - please use email for non-urgent requests and requests of a general nature and we will respond within 24 hours.

*Please note : we cannot guarantee a response to text messages to our staff’s personal mobile phones so this shouldn’t be used as a way to request emergency support.

Customers without a Cloudifi Support Agreement

Customers that are not on a current Support Agreement that have an issue will be offered support on a best effort basis Monday to Friday during business hours and will be charged at our standard rates of service with a minimum charge of $75 exclusive of GST per incident billable to a credit card provided to our agent at the time of the call.

POS Vendor Support Contact Details

All Point of Sale customers using Abacus, Kounta or Vend can contact the respective Vendor's Support departments for assistance with questions relating to their products, feature requests, bug reports or troubleshooting help. 

Please note, hardware support or emergency problems are generally best directed to Cloudifi as we have the intimate knowledge of your specific site.

Abacus  - Tel 1300 552 535  Email or use the Online chat from the POS Screen

Kounta - Tel (02) 8599 2247 Email or use Online chat from the POS Screen

Vend - Tel (03) 8593 7854 Email or use Online chat from the POS Screen

Cisco Meraki - Tel (02) 8397 9191 Email or log a case from within the Dashboard


Cloudifi Support Agreement Definition

Cloudifi understands the importance of support and we recommend that all customers are on a Support Agreement to ensure that all staff get the highest level of POS and/or network support from our team in Perth for any emergency issues that may arise between 6am and 9pm 7 days a week.

Every Cloudifi support agreement includes emergency phone and email support that covers an support incidents for POS and network hardware/software issues and assistance with general use, diagnosis, troubleshooting and resolution of problems.

Whilst you do also get software support from the POS software vendor (eg. Abacus, Kounta or Vend) and Cisco Meraki directly included in your monthly subscription or licence, we provide that extra level of support in terms of hardware, help with Internet connectivity and specific knowledge of your network and POS set up.

We strive to provide the best possible service and to achieve this must have boundaries to ensure these services are available expediently to all our customers.

On-site Service Fees

Our standard hourly rate for on-site services and services outside of those covered by the Support agreement is $150 per hour exclusive of GST inclusive of travel time Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.  After-hours or Weekend on-site services will be charged at $250 per hour exclusive of GST inclusive of travel time.

Implementation Tasks

The support agreement does not cover implementation services of new hardware, software or modules. With such activities the customer will be advised that charges will apply at our standard hourly rate.

On Site Services

Where a consultant provides support, consultancy or repair services onsite, these services are not covered under the support agreement and will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

Hardware Replacement

Unless an item is under warranty, where we find hardware needs to be repaired or replaced due to failure or damage the cost associated will be passed onto the customer.

User Training

The support agreement does not cover in depth user training and anything over 15 minutes would require structured training either remotely or onsite, chargeable at our standard hourly rate. General assistance with POS functions or the Cisco Meraki dashboard is covered however.

Consulting Services

The support agreement doesn’t cover time our experienced team spends consulting on improvements in the way you use your software, or ideas you have to make your business more efficient. Consulting such as this will be chargeable at our standard hourly rate.

Please review this document to understand exactly what services are covered under your specific Support Agreement.