Loc8, The Smart Table Number™ which was developed right here in Perth, is the most accurate and reliable Table Locate product on the market that makes it easy to find where your guests are sitting after having placed an order at your counter. Loc8 is currently used by Dome Cafes and McDonalds restaurants.


Loc8, The Smart Table Number™ streamlines service, increases table turns and improves customer satisfaction with a system that is easy to install and requires almost no training. 

No more wobbly table numbers - Loc8 replaces the table numbers guests take with them to their chosen table with a smart CD sized "puck" that reports back its location on a visual display when placed on the table.  

POS Integration - Loc8 can also be integrated with several POS solutions to show the Table number on the order docket by sending the detected table location to the POS solution. Your staff have the choice of looking at the screen to see where the customer's puck sits, or reading the Table number straight off the order docket.

Most accurate and reliable - the system uses Apple’s iBeacon technology to provide the most accurate and reliable in restaurant location capability on the market. Our beacons are the most advanced available using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy chip - gone are the days when you have to stick metres of RFID tape to the bottom of tables!

Unbreakable table puck  - the table pucks are the size of a CD, are waterproof, drop proof, and almost unbreakable to ensure long service life. They charge in under 2 minutes on the purpose built charger which doubles as a counter stand, which reduces the cost considerably as you need less pucks - they are almost instantly available after being returned. 

Browser based - The Loc8 table map is viewed through a web browser so can be utilised on any smartphone, tablet, mac or PC. The Table map provides real time colour based indicators of your customers wait times so your staff can react immediately when delays happen.

Customised reporting - reporting via an intuitive web portal is available which can show order fulfllment times and other statistics relating to service.

No training - The System is very easy to use, and requires minimal training once we have set up the hardware in the correct locations to ensure coverage of your venue and produced your table map. Remote support is available over the Internet if you ever need help with configuration.

Cloudifi is a Certified Loc8 Partner. We offer you the complete Loc8 Table Locate package including hardware, specialised set up and training on its use. We've done the research and know what works, what devices to use, and how the implementation of Loc8 can change the way you work for the better!

More information is available at the Loc8 website or contact us for a demonstration.