Kounta is a Cloud Point of Sale Solution ideally suited for use in hospitality venues eg. cafes, restaurants and bars.


Kounta Works On Anything - Kounta is a Point of Sale Software System that works on iPads, Macs, PC's and also the existing traditional Point of Sale equipment that you may already own through the Google Chrome web browser.

Add On Integrations - Kounta seamlessly connects with a variety of online and mobile services like Tyro, Xero, and Deputy as well as a myriad of other Vendor's software products through their Add-on community.

Supports Unlimited Stores & Registers - Kounta allows you to access your store on any device, anywhere, anytime and also gives visibility of an unlimited number of stores you own or manage. Report on your business from anywhere you go.

Simple Product Creation & Maintenance - Create and arrange items that you sell, assign them images, colours, codes, barcodes, printer stations and then link them to categories (sales screen groups) for easy display.

Stock (Inventory) Control - Kounta's efficient stock control will mean you will have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. It also helps to make sure that capital is not tied up unnecessarily.

Mobile Point of Sale, Ordering and Payments - Buying and paying is going mobile! Create an interaction with your customers, rather than just a transaction through the use of Paypal or Apple Pay as a payment method.

Fully Featured - Kounta comes off the shelf with the necessary features you would expect to find in Point of Sale with customisable add-ons to suit your needs while keeping deployment and maintenance simple. With Kounta's Cloud back end you get effortless scalability, without worrying about hardware, patches or backups.

Cloudifi is a Certified Kounta Partner. We offer you the complete package instead of doing it yourselves and can make sure you have an enjoyable Kounta experience. We have the skills, experience and training to be effective Kounta implementers that can also offer you initial and ongoing technical support. We've done the research and know what works, what devices to use, and how the integration of Kounta and Xero can change the way you work for the better!

Test drive using a free trial Kounta account.