Cloud Applications, Mobile Devices and Wireless Technologies combined to form innovative Cloud-based solutions for Retail, Hospitality and Education in Perth.


Cloudifi is a Cloud IntegratorMobile Device and Wireless Network specialist that offers a unique end to end approach for migrating business processes and supporting technologies to the Cloud. We can design, supply and implement a solution based on these components for your organisation, migrate data, train your staff and offer ongoing support.

We are certified partners of XeroVendKounta, Unleashed, Tradegecko, Shopify, and Cisco Meraki to offer Cloud-based solutions, mobile devices and wireless networks. We are constantly evaluating new and emerging Cloud applications and services, and consult to organisations to assist with product evaluation and to manage Cloud implementation projects.

Cloudifi doesn't offer bookkeeping or compliance services but we do work closely with Bookkeepers and Accountants every day to help their wholesale, retail and hospitality clients leverage the value of Xero through its Cloud Point of Sale Add-ons. If you are an Accountant or Bookkeeper and think we can help, we'd love to hear from you.

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Cloudifi launches Cisco Meraki Australia Online Store

June 26, 2014

Cloudifi recently launched our web shop, where you can purchase Cisco Meraki Products online for the first time in Australia! is a division of Cloudifi Pty Ltd, a Meraki Australia Authorised Reseller. We're keen advocates of Cisco Meraki products and use them in our own solutions for customers.  We sell the full range of Meraki products and are Cisco Meraki experts offering design and installation services. One of our team commented recently that Apple + Cisco = Meraki. From a design perspective it certainly looks like a love child of the two!  However you look at it, Cisco Meraki's products are the most aesthetically pleasing, robust, feature rich and manageable products we've ever had the pleasure of using!

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Welcome to the Cloudifi web site!

August 13, 2013

Welcome to Cloudifi! We are a Cloud Integrator, Mobile Device and Wireless Network specialist based in Perth, Western Australia and specialise in solutions for customers in Retail, Hospitality and Education. 100% of what we do is either Cloud-based or Cloud-managed.  We've followed the transition of IT to the Cloud where you can now purchase a complete solution for a small monthly fee, rather than having to outlay a big upfront cost in software and the hardware on which to run it. Cloudifi is also a Wireless Network expert, offering a complete managed WiFi as a service (WAAS) solution where we can implement a WiFi network for your organisation for a monthly fee, inclusive of 24/7 Help Desk support. Please contact...

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